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Dr. Frank Kuwamura, M.D.

Dr. Kuwamura specializes in various types of orthopaedic surgical procedures for spinal conditions. Providing expert diagnosis and innovative treatments, Dr. Kuwamura strives to help patients relieve their pain and improve their well-being. 

Dr. Shaun Jackson, M.D.

Dr. Jackson is a double Board Certified Physician who helps his patients improve their quality of life, recover from injury and debilitating medical conditions, and live healthier lifestyles through his holistic approach. Dr. Jackson also provides cancer pain management and performs electrodiagnostic studies. 

Dr. David Gonzalez, M.D.

Dr. Gonzalez is one of San Antonio's leading physicians. He is a Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon, trained in Sports Medicine, and specializes in Shoulder and Knee Arthroscopy. 
Dr. Kuwamura Gave me my life back!

"Dr. Kuwamura gave me my life back! Great staff, nice office, you will immediately feel comfortable and well taken care of. After 14 other surgeons said 'no', he was the first to say yes. I have degenerative disk disease, spondylosis, femoral narrowing, etc. If there is a problem, I have it! I had 3 destroyed disks in my neck and 4 in my lower back. I was planning to get my lower back done first, but a vertebra in my neck slipped, making it impossible to function. Dr. K fixed me!"  

 - Jeffrey M. from La Vernia, TX  - July 19, 2018
I recommend you check out Dr. Jackson! He cares!

"I've been dealing with chronic pain in my knee for 20 years after being struck by a car. I had it replaced in 2006 and fell and shattered my femur in 2012. Dr. Shaun Jackson is extremely passionate about helping his patients. He makes me feel heard and validated. The radiofrequency ablation treatments he has done have been truly life changing! His office staff and nursing staff are compassionate and friendly. They greet you with a smile and take a through detailed history of how you are doing. I love how personable they all are. If you are dealing with chronic debilitating pain I recommend you check out Dr. Jackson! He cares!" 

- Pamela Dubay - September, 2020 
Dr. Gonzalez... A++ individuals with compassion and understanding

"Being a former professional athlete, Dr. Gonzalez has performed numerous injections and operations on my knees throughout the years. Dr. Gonzalez and Christine Decker made sure that I had all of the resources available to recover to the greatest potential. I can still function athletically and in day to day life thanks to his team. A++ individuals with compassion and understanding of all the available options that are present for each individual situation." 

- Leslie T.  from San Antonio, TX - Oct. 24, 2016 
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